CBD Massage

CBD CLINIC Professional Series topical medications are the first and only non-prescription ointments and creams that combine FDA-approved active ingredients and hemp extract. Our Revolutionary Pain Relief products are formulated with natural emollients to help active analgesic compounds penetrate deep to quickly increase blood flow to joints and muscles and interrupt pain signaling.


CBD, or Cannibidol, is one of the main active ingredients in the hemp plant. CBD Clinic combines FDA-approved active ingredients and hemp extract to provide powerful pain relief with their analgesic ointments and creams; they create their products in an FDA-regulated and audited facility and strive to be the best in the business. Adding one of their products to my therapeutic massage increases blood flow to joints and muscles and quickly relieves pain. Powerful terpenes (pain-relieving compounds) are absorbed fast and deep to penetrate pain receptors in the body via the Endocannabinoid System, effectively interrupting pain signals. Want to start feeling powerful and lasting relief from chronic and acute aches and pains? Add one of the following to your massage:

  • Level 1 CBD cream is an odor-free cream designed for fast-acting relief for pain and discomfort, made with 4% Lidocane, natural emollients, and hemp extract.
  • Level 2 CBD cream is a water-based formula created for mild pain and discomfort, made with 3% Camphor.
  • Level 3 CBD cream attacks pain quickly and increases blood flow to areas where you are experiencing mild to moderate pain and discomfort. Fast-acting CBD cream with 4% Menthol absorbs quickly to end tenderness experienced with common muscle and joint pain.
  • Level 4 CBD ointment is formulated for heavy moderate to severe pain, made with 7% Menthol and 5% Camphor.
  • Level 5 CBD Pro Sport Deep Muscle & Joint Pain ointment delivers two of the highest potency painkillers to the most severely affected areas. It helps restore your range of motion to regain mobility necessary for top athletic performance, and provides a perfect pre- and post-workout solution for hours of relief. For chronic or acute joint and muscle pain, it increases blood flow to the area and effectively blocks pain signals. Also recommended for clients suffering from chronic inflammatory conditions such as fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, M.S., etc.

Add CBD Clinic to any massage…
30-Minute Massage…..+$15
60- and 90-Minute Massage…..+$25

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