About my Style…

Therapeutic massage, more frequently referred to as deep tissue, is simple: It means you have an issue and I work to fix it. I currently specialize in therapeutic massage for upper body pain relief. My technique focuses on alleviating symptoms associated with neck, shoulder, and back injuries as well as chronic overuse. I’ve corrected and improved conditions such as headaches/migraines, TMJ dysfunction, numbness or tingling down the arm, reduced range of motion, injuries sustained from whiplash, tennis/golfers elbow, and more.

Any massage therapist can help with pain, but a specialist can make that pain last beyond the massage table by strategically correcting dysfunctions in the soft tissue. As a well-trained, experienced therapist who knows the internal structures of the body, I won’t just “chase the pain.” Sometimes, the pain you feel isn’t where the problem is coming from. I take a strategic approach to figuring out what your specific issues are, and developing a plan to correct the problem at hand.

My services aren’t just limited to upper body issues either; I’ve worked with a plethora of clients with anything from headaches to knee and ankle pain. I’ve helped whiplash victims regain their quality of life after accidents, I’ve worked on people with physically demanding jobs whose livelihood relies on their ability to do quality work, I’ve rehabilitated injuries both old and new, and more.

I am also trained in relaxation or Swedish massage techniques, if nothing really hurts and you’re just looking to de-stress. I’m also certified to do prenatal massage as well.

Upgrade your Massage…

CBD is a molecule derived from industrial hemp. It is a non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, meaning it does not leave you feeling “stoned,” and is legal in all 50 states. When applied topically, it binds with the CB2 receptors in the white blood cells, meaning it supports the immune system without crossing the blood-brain barrier. When CBD is applied topically, it increases blood flow to joints and muscles and quickly interrupts pain signaling. CBD CLINIC analgesic¬†ointments and creams provide powerful, superior products and are the first and only FDA-registered CBD-infused topical pain relievers.

Add DoTerra essential oils to your massage. Known benefits of essential oils include their ability to reduce anxiety and depression, promote relaxation, ease tension, induce sleep, and more. Scents available include Deep Blue (excellent addition to a sports massage), On Guard (boost your immune system), Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Maleluca (Tea Tree), and more.

Himalayan Hot Stones
The heat from the stones eases muscle tension as more than 80-trace minerals help replenish minerals lost to stress and tough workouts. Himalayan salt is known for its energetic grounding properties, balancing positive and negative ions and restoring harmony to your physical self.


30 minutes ……………… 40 (plus tax)
60 minutes ……………… 70 (plus tax)
90 minutes ……………… 99 (plus tax)

Come in twice in a calendar month and receive $10 off your second massage, come in three or more times in a calendar month and get $15 off. (Discount applicable to 60- and 90-minute sessions only)

Aromatherapy/Deep Blue ….. Add 5 (plus tax)
with CBD ………….. For 30-Minutes: Add 15, for 60- and 90-Minutes: Add 25 (plus tax)
with Himalayan Hot Salt Stones ……………. Add 20 (plus tax)

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