Client Policies & What to Expect

Your appointment and what to expect.

Please always plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early. The start time of your appointment is when I’d like you ON the massage table. If you arrive late, I can’t guarantee the full time as I often have clients back to back.

If you are arriving for your first appointment, please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out a brief health history form and sign the Client Bill of Rights. The information you provide will be kept confidential. After filling out the proper paperwork, we will do a verbal intake in which we can discuss what your goals are for this session, as well as any other treatments, and address any questions or concerns.

You will then be given privacy to undress to your comfort level and get situated under the sheets. You will remain securely covered at all times and only the area of the body being worked on will be undraped. I always strive to provide a professional, safe, and private environment for your bodywork sessions.


You are in control. I play soft music and keep the lights at a low level. If you want the music or lights adjusted, please just let me know. I use Spotify and cycle between various spa, acoustic, yoga, and other mellow playlists, but you are welcomed to request any music you’d like to hear or even bring your own!

You can also let me know if you’d like more or less pressure at any time. Sometimes when you have muscle damage in certain areas, you may feel pain, often that radiates to other areas of the body. This is normal, often people say it “hurts in a good way.” However, if you ever feel discomfort, or if it gets to be too much, let me know as too much pain can then make the massage ineffective.


Some soreness the next day may be normal, particularly from deep tissue/therapeutic work. Some people will feel a bit of nausea as well, as untying knots and releasing tension may cause certain toxins built up in tight muscle tissues to release into your system. Hydration is key! Drink a lot of water to flush out these toxins and restore hydration to your muscles.

Make sure to take time to relax as well. I always tell people to treat a therapeutic massage like a workout; you wouldn’t necessarily do two high-intensity workouts in one day (or you shouldn’t, anyway). You need to give your muscles time to recuperate after each workout, so let your muscles recover from your massage as well.

Salt baths, hot tubs, or heating pads can provide some relief, as well as products like Deep Blue, Biofreeze, or topical CBD.

I do carry topical CBD Clinic products as well as Roots Essential bath soak for muscle aches and pains. Both these products can help you recover after a massage, and maintain between sessions.


I require 24 hours notice for any cancellations. If less than 24 hours notice is given, 50% of the service will be charged to the card required to hold the appointment. In the case of a no-call/no-show, the full amount of the service including applicable tax will be charged. You can avoid this by sending someone in your place! If I can fill the appointment slot, I will not charge the cancellation fees!

Payment is due at the time of service, unless other arrangements have been agreed upon prior to your appointment. I accept credit cards, cash, or personal check. A 25% fee will be required for any bounced checks.

Tipping is completely optional, although always appreciated.

Insurance does not generally cover massage, except in the case of accidents and personal injury. I can do Motor Vehicle Accident claims, as well as Personal Injury claims as well. However, for massage to be covered, you will need a referral from your doctor. Please contact me with questions regarding this.

Any pre-paid packages, gift certificates, or other pre-paid sessions are non-refundable.